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11.02.2017 Stange+Wolfrum Jukebox-Amp new on tube-classics!
11.02.2017 Klein + Hummel STS2 stereo power amp added
11.02.2017 New site for the Dynacord LS-25 stereo amp
11.02.2017 Several new Siemens / Haufe MC transformers added
18.12.2016 New site for the Loewe Opta EL84 Stereo amp
18.12.2016 New sites for the Klangfilm KLV-502 amp
10.08.2015 Pictures for Klangfilm KL-V502 input transformer SUT added
10.08.2015 New types of ECC81, E81CC, EF86 and E83CC tubes
10.08.2015 New site for international Siemens tube amps
10.08.2015 Pictures for Telefunken S82 added
10.08.2015 Heli VS1-32 East German tube amp new on tube-classics!
10.08.2015 Bergmann Stereo PP ECL86 new on tube-classics!
10.08.2015 New EL35 pictures on the EL34 history site
01.01.2015 260.588 (unique) visitors with 498.015 page accesses in 2014!
07.01.2014 New site for Saba Königin Tube amp
07.01.2014 New site for EL86 = 6CW5 tubes
07.01.2014 Dynacord ST-3, Klangfilm 408, E88CC, EL34 History updated
01.01.2014 319.113 (unique) visitors with 645.168 page accesses in 2013!
29.06.2013 PE HSV25 and Sennheiser VKS renewed
25.05.2013 Dynacord LS-8 and LS-15 sites updated
25.05.2013 Dynacord VVS preamp picture site added
01.05.2013 Radio RIM Maestro and Imperator picture sites
01.03.2013 Radio RIM factory built offered integrated amps listedd
01.01.2014 280.593 (unique) visitors with 607.394 page accesses in 2012!
07.08.2012 Siemens 2000 amps Sf. V. 6.2 and Sf. V 6.5s added
07.08.2012 Telefunken MC preamp 42.5102.055-26 added
11.03.2012 More input (MC) transformers listed
11.03.2012 Rohde und Schwarz UPA4 Audio Analyzer added to test equipment
11.03.2012 New pictures for the Neuberger RPM370 tube tester
11.03.2012 New Telefunken V819 picture
01.01.2012 290.567 (unique) visitors with 611.282 page accesses in 2011!
01.08.2011 EL34 Precursor Historical tubes
01.08.2011 More Siemens speaker pictures
01.01.2011 More Klangfilm racks on the rack site
01.01.2011 New pictures for the MEL PIC-35 amp
01.01.2011 New site for ECL82 tubes
24.12.2010 What a Christmas present: More than 250.000 (unique) visitors in 2010!
25.10.2010 New site for EL36 tubes
25.10.2010 Dynacord ST3 site and pictures added
07.10.2010 Telefunken input transformers added
10.08.2010 EL34 Tube Amp sites - NEW!
27.07.2010 New site for EC92 tubes
27.07.2010 New site for EL41 tubes
27.07.2010 Common tubes sites revised
27.07.2010 New site for the Telefunken S500 and S600 turn tables
19.01.2009 Site for the Nordmende supersonic remote control
15.01.2010 New site for my McIntosh units
15.01.2010 Sites for Siemens 2000 amps added (Sf V. 6.6 and Sf V. 6.7)
15.01.2010 Site revised for "spacer.gif with IE8 problem" and new headers
10.01.2010 Klangfilm drive in cinema speaker added
10.01.2010 My equipment (guestroom) updated - FIRST VIDEO CLIP on tube-classiscs!
10.01.2010 Stereo preamp project for KL-V403 on 6SELA base
01.01.2010 Sad but true: guest book closed for spamming
01.01.2010 189770 (unique) visitors in 2009 - Incredible! 504662 site visits!
02.11.2009 Philips CD104 non-oversampling mod site introduced
22.10.2009 Power amps sites revised and inicial page fully rebuilt
22.10.2009 Nordmende SE ELL80 amp site new with mods and tweaks
14.08.2009 Integrated amp sites revised and inicial page fully rebuilt
14.08.2009 Sites added for Telefunken V-819, S+F Goldhorn, Saba Stereo a.o.
10.07.2009 Sites added for Heli VS-1 and Pietsch Stereo-Verstärker
27.05.2009 Bölkow Belstereo integrated amp added
01.04.2009 Original Siemens Input transformer site updated
26.03.2009 RIAA pre amp projects site added in Klangfilm section - GREAT!
25.03.2009 MC input transformer site (no-Siemens) fully rebuilt
07.03.2009 Telefunken / Siemens EF86 site updated
  06.03.2009   New site for Klangfilm KLV-00X preamps  
  06.03.2009   Klangfilm KLV-00X input and output transformers added  
  14.02.2009   ASK C6 projector power supply with Siemens 6SELA2600 power transformer  
  05.02.2009   Siemens / Haufe input transformer for MC fully rebuilt site - many news!  
  05.02.2009   SE EL34 project with Siemens OPT site updated (schematic)  
  05.02.2009   Grundig RT5A VariAC in My Test Equipment  
  01.01.2009   GUESTBOOK introduced - please sign here!  
  01.01.2009   137.232 (unique) visitors in 2008 - GREAT!  
  22.12.2008   My Equipment: Living room setup uploaded  
  23.11.2008   My Projects: 4699 Tube Conversion to EL12 and EL34  
  23.11.2008   My Projects: The Fisher Pre Amp on X-101-C base  
  23.11.2008   My Projects: Ortofon AS212 conversion from a 9" to a 12" arm  
  23.11.2008   My Equipment with new section: My Projects !!!  
  23.11.2008   Klangfilm projects: Stereo RIAA Line Pre Amp based on the 2154  
  23.11.2008   Klangfilm projects: EL34 SE Stereo Amp with Siemens OPT  
  23.11.2008   Klangfilm projects: EL12 / F2a11 power amp on KL-Q509  
  08.11.2008   Picture site for 6SELA 2427 EL84 amp uploaded  
  08.11.2008   Picture site for 6SELA 2411 EL41 amp uploaded  
  07.11.2008   Bauer PV5 EL84 amps schematics uploaded with higher quality and more added  
  07.11.2008   Telefunken Opus 2430 updated with new pictures + information  
  07.11.2008   Siemens + Telefunken tube sites updated: E88CC ECC83 + Valvo EL84  
  07.11.2008   EL42 + EL95 site uploaded  
  16.10.2008   Siemens EL84 tubes site modified  
  10.10.2008   Nordmende 582 added  
  23.06.2008   Dynacord ST-14 added  
  10.06.2008   New pages / pictures for Grundig NF1 / Graetz ECLL800 / Dynacord LS15  
  01.05.2008   Siemens 6SELA 2785 added to Siemens ELA power amps  
  01.05.2008   ELAC PBV-140 added to German Tube HiFi - integrated amps  
  01.05.2008   Lorenz LVA/B 30 RL12P35 amplifier page uploaded - one of my favourite sites!!  
  01.05.2008   News / Site History page introduced  
  01.01.2008   114.241 (unique) visitors in 2007 - the first time more than 100.000 !!!  
  01.01.2007   88.785 (unique) visitors in 2006  
  01.08.2006   German Stereo Juke Box amps section started  
  01.06.2005   Section for German Tube HiFi translated into German language  
  01.01.2005   Common Audio Tubes section started  
  01.01.2005   Klangfilm / Siemens section added / uploaded  
  01.06.2003 started with sections for vintage German stereo tube amps and post WWII audio tubes